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We offer one-to-one sessions as well as a number of weekly group session options. Use our online booking tool below to make an appointment with us.

One-to-One Sessions

We offer one-to-one sessions with our team of skilled therapists. Each session is uniquely tailored to meet the individual needs of our clients. Sessions take place weekly and last for either 40 minutes or 1 hour, depending on what best suits the client's needs.

Group Sessions

Every group session is thoughtfully designed to address our clients' specific needs, all while fostering a sense of social connection and cohesion. Groups are thoughtfully assembled, bringing together individuals with similar needs and strengths. Our group sessions maintain an intimate setting by accommodating a maximum of 5 clients per group, ensuring that each client will receive the much-needed attention of the music therapist throughout the session. Group sessions are conducted on a weekly basis, for 12-weeks, with each session lasting for one hour.


Neurolinks provides a limited number of tailored outreach programmes to a range of hospitals, nursing homes, schools, and other healthcare and educational settings. Our outreach programmes are flexible and adaptable, consisting of both individual and group sessions, with the options for both half-day and full-day contracts, ensuring that the unique might tailor a plan to suit the needs of your service.


Our workshops offer a unique opportunity to gain insight and hands-on experience with techniques commonly employed in our music therapy and neurologic music therapy sessions. Contact us to learn more about our workshop offerings.

Information Sessions

Our information sessions offer an opportunity to learn more about music therapy in an informal and relaxed atmosphere. These gatherings create an avenue for prospective clients, services, and healthcare professionals to view our space, ask questions, and meet our team of therapists.

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    Neurolinks provides professional music therapy services for people who are living with a neurological condition or who are neurodivergent, their caregivers and families.


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