Specialist Assessments

The Music therapy Assessment Tool for Awareness in Disorders Of Consciousness (MATADOC).
Specialist training has been completed by Neurolinks’ therapists to administer the Music therapy Assessment Tool for Awareness in Disorders of Consciousness (MATADOC).

The MATADOC is a music-based validated, standardised assessment tool for people with disorders of consciousness. It involves a systematic protocol for the use of music combined with a record of detailed observations. It has diagnostic potential and is used in many countries around the world to contribute to differential diagnosis in disorders of consciousness.

The MATADOC provides important and detailed information to inform goal-setting, treatment and care planning. The MATADOC assists therapy and care teams in identifying strengths and developing skills of people with a Disorder of Consciousness to optimise stimulation in treatment and care. It is validated for use with adults and a version for those under 18 years old is currently being validated. This is called the Music therapy Sensory Instrument for Cognition, Consciousness and Awareness (MuSICCA).

Sensorimotor techniques support movement goals related to coordination, range-of-motion, balance, strength, endurance, and activities of daily living.

The speech and language techniques can be used to support a range of speech and language goals including breath support, speech development...

Specific techniques are used to address several cognition goals in the areas of attention, executive function, memory, psychosocial, and sensory integration.


Neurolinks provides professional music therapy services for people who are living with a neurological condition or who are neurodivergent, their caregivers and families.


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