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"I was really grateful to have another angle for him that also offered a mood enhancing and uplifting component to his physical work. He was very motivated by it and it has broadening my own approach as to what can be done with music therapy involved."

Senior Physiotherapist

"Thank you very much for your intervention, it has been really helpful and a super tool for his future. I feel it is helping him to internalize a more symmetrical, rhythmic gait pattern, particularly with greater speeds, with much greater ease. Also, the resources you are giving him really help to alleviate some of the monotony of repetition of his training - He feels so too himself and is really engaged with it."

Senior Physiotherapist

"He had described his initial mood as a patient as “down in my socks”. “When I came in here I thought life had stopped.” But he identified your group as the moment his mood started to pick up. Hearing the music, singing and being together with other patients - better or worse off than him. That was the beginning of feeling better in himself. Since then, he has gone from strength to strength."

Speech and Language Therapy Manager

"Neurolinks have been working with the An Saol Foundation's National Centre for Life and Living with a severe Acquire Brain Injury (sABI) in Santry/Dublin for a considerable amount of time. The group and individual Music Therapy sessions delivered to our clients were of the highest calibre, delivered very professionally, and supported different aspects of our clients' very complex journey towards healing and active participation. Neurolinks made a big effort to educate our staff in the purpose and benefits of Music Therapy. I would highly recommend Neurolinks to anyone with a neurological injury or condition who needs help and encouragement to communicate, integrate and participate in a social context."

Reinhard Schaler, CEO, An Saol Foundation

"The inclusion of neurological music therapy from Neurolinks has been a transformative addition towards the services provided for people with severe acquired brain injury (sABI) attending An Saol Foundation. It has contributed to a more holistic, creative and meaningful environment for our clients. It has augmented our functional rehabilitative approach, particularly through collaboration of Neurolinks music therapy with physiotherapy and speech and language therapy sessions at our centre.
I cannot thank them enough on behalf of our staff and clients for their creativeness, sensitivity and skilled functional application of neurological music therapy towards our clients. I would strongly recommend Neurolinks services to all other neurological and older persons services."

Orlaith Doherty, Senior Physiotherapist, An Saol Foundation

"All of the team at MCS Case Management love working with Neurolinks and have for the past number of years now. They provide an amazing therapy for so many different types of clients. During covid we were able to continue music therapy for one of our clients who has an acquired brain injury via her eyegaze technology when no family were allowed visit her.
As Case Managers, we are always looking for therapies and therapist’s who make a difference and Neurolinks provide this to the clients and families we work with."

Marie-Claire Foley, Registered Case Manager, MCS Case Management


from our Clients

"Music therapy has been one of the most wonderful groups to be involved in."

"The days when I had music therapy, I felt more in sync."

"Sometimes, I forget that I’m in hospital. Just a minute of forgetting is nice."

"The music allowed my body move to the music and the rhythm."

"I felt that I could achieve something again."

"I loved the way the team explained everything to me in a way that was easy to understand."

"I am much more steady on my feet."

"I needed a communication board to get my message across. I could’t get any words out. Thanks to neurologic music therapy, I got my voice back and no longer need the communication board."

"Taking part in the music therapy group made a great improvement to my care."

"My mood has significantly improved."

"I can focus on the music and relax, and at the same time, I am doing exercise."

"The rhythm helped with my pacing and the beat allowed me to walk with less problems."

"It helped keep my mood up."

"The music allowed my body to move to the music and the rhythm."

"It helped me achieve something. Naturally, it made me feel better."


Neurolinks provides professional music therapy services for people who are living with a neurological condition or who are neurodivergent, their caregivers and families.


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